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The Women's Interfaith Institute is located in historic Seneca Falls, internationally recognized as the birthplace of Women’s Rights.

It was in Seneca Falls, in 1848, that Elizabeth Cady Stanton led a march to the Wesleyan Chapel, meeting with fellow activists and abolitionists Lucretia Mott, Jane and Richard Hunt, Mary Ann McClintock, and Frederick Douglass, among many others, to convene the first convention to discuss society’s disregard for women.

Seneca Falls is now home to several museums and monuments commemorating the Convention, including the preserved Wesleyan Chapel, now part of Women’s Right National Historical Park, located next door to the Women’s Interfaith Institute.

The two historic buildings share an interrelated history. Learn more.

140 Fall Street, PO Box 131  •  Seneca Falls, New York 13148  •  (585) 319-9395  •  allisonstokes@earthlink.net


Visit the Women’s Interfaith Institute in Seneca Falls

Seneca Falls: a Destination for Women’s Rights History - and More…

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In Seneca Falls, there’s something to capture the interests of everyone in your family.  In July, visit Convention Days, the Art Festival, the Classic Car show.  In December, be a part of the community’s “It’s a Wonderful Life” Festival.  At any time of year, visit  the many museums and attractions, walk the waterfront, then enjoy dinner at The Clarence.  Explore the links on this page and learn more...
So many great places...  ...so little time!
The Clarence Hotel & Divine Kitchen
Joe’s Hots
The Downtown Deli
Avicolli’s Restaurant
The Village Deli
Antonina’s Restaurant
Red’s Place
Dewey’s 3rd Ward Tavern
Parker’s Grille & Tap House
Bull’s Run
Happy Family Restaurant
It’s a Wonderful Life