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In order to bring educational and cultural opportunities to an area of Indonesia without access to an English collection-based public library, Etin Anwar co-founded the non-profit organization Global Aliya Indonesia.

The foundation received its legal status from the Legal and Human Rights Ministry in Indonesia on December 06, 2011. Its primary missions are:

According to Anwar, the first initiative of the Foundation is to build a library and create a book collection. The library will be built in Soreang, located in Bandung Regency, West Java, Indonesia.

Anwar donated a piece of a land for the two-floor library of 700 m2 after choosing Soreang as the site for the new library because of the lack of public literary resources in English available to people living in Bandung and West Java in general. According to Anwar, the library will serve as a center for education and for the exchange of ideas, such as democracy, interfaith, human rights, and women's equality.

Read more about the project, and Global Aliya Indonesia’s campaign called “English Literacy for Peace”.

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Global Aliya Indonesia: Promoting Education, Understanding, and Peace

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