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The Women’s Interfaith Institute is currently seeking support for Global Aliya Indonesia. The independent foundation is not affiliated with the Institute, however its mission promotes interfaith understanding through education.

About Global Aliya Indonesia

Etin Anwar, a tenured professor at Hobart and William Smith Colleges, presents a compelling dream and “passion for bridging cultural divides and promoting peace across nations.” Her initiative will build a library with English collections in the town of Soreang, Indonesia, promoting English literacy and offering community outreach.

According to Etin, she wants to share the “American virtues of excellence, compassion, and service” that she has come to value through her experience here.

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Every gift, no matter how small, is important and helpful.

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Global Aliya Indonesia: Promoting Education, Understanding, and Peace

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Global Aliya Indonesia

Soreang, West Java, Indonesia